IMUA Polenisia

We invite you to browse through the past 40-plus years of Polynesian Cultural Center newsletters.
IMUA Polenisia is the PCC's current in-house publication for employees and friends. Our newsletters
have  run under that title since May 1994. Before that PCC published Ka Leo o Polenikia for about a year,
and before then we used the IMUA title again until November 15, 1991. Prior to that date, our in-house
newsletter was titled UPDATE.  From 1976 - 80 it was called KALEO Polynesia, and before that The Villager.
For many of these years the Cultural Center's newsletters were printed in our own Graphics Department.

Please note, the latest editions of IMUA will be added as they're published, these pages
are still under construction, and some issues are missing from our collection. Links to publications
from 2004 to the present appear below; use the jump links immediately below to go to other years.
The link ranges vary based on the number of publications in that period:

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