Q: When is the PCC's 50th anniversary celebration?
A: The Center will celebrate our golden anniversary throughout 2013 with various activities and events, but a super-week of Alumni Reunion activities will take place from September 1-8, 2013. View the daily schedule...

Q: How much will it cost to participate in the activities? Are there special discounts for alumni?
A: Some of the activities will be free, others will be included with admission to the Center, and our 50th anniversary committee is currently formulating alumni package costs for the various options from September 1-8, 2013. To purchase tickets online...

Q: Will housing be available in Laie?
A: The housing sub-committee is currently working on a range of housing options. For more information...

Q: For those of us who can't come to Laie, can we purchase a DVD of 50th anniversary highlights?
A: Reports and imagery of the various events will be posted on this website, and a DVD will be produced as soon as possible after the super-week in September.

Q: Can we purchase PCC 50th anniversary tee shirts and other mementos online?
A: Yes. PCC 50th anniversary tee shirts and a variety of other mementos can be purchased online as soon as they're available. [LINK]

Q: How can I participate in the PCC Alumni Show?
A: To allow as many as possible to participate and also view the performances, alumni will be limited to joining either the first-25-year show, or the second-25-year-show; however, participating alumni can dance in more than one section in the same show as long as there's sufficient time for costume changes. Each alum will be responsible to provide his or her own costume(s), which will be kept as simple as possible to minimize costs. Costume descriptions will be posted on line as soon as they're available. Instructional song and dance videos for each section of each show will be posted online as soon as possible, and alumni everywhere are expected to learn the routines on their own before they arrive in Laie. Blocking-only rehearsals will be held in Laie during the Alumni Reunion between September 2-6, 2013. 

Q: Who's planning the Alumni Reunion?
A: PCC Sr. Vice President of Operations Leilua Logo Apelu is chairman of the Center's 50th Anniversary Committee. Sub-committee chairs include: Raymond Magalei, registration; John Muaina, Temple session; Kathy Tolleson, employee recognition; Les Steward, fireside; Delsa Moe, Family Home Evening and the Alumni Show; Tipa Galea'i, community parade; Cy Bridges, special events; Fifita Unga, the hukilau and luau; Sonne Campbell, Island Ball; David Tiave, South Pacific/USA Spectacular; Losa Moors, Welcome Dinner; Fred Camit, golf tournament; Bobby Akoi, musical fireside; Jay Akoi, vendors; Michael Johanson, BYU–Hawaii liaison; Mike Foley, 50th anniversary website; etc., etc., etc.,

Q: Will there be any airline ticket discounts?
A: The PCC Sales & Marketing Team is working on setting up a package deal from Salt Lake City, Utah, where a significant number of alumni live (or in the surrounding communities). Details will be posted online as they become available.

NOTE: This page is still under construction.